About the Blogger

KuvaI am Erno Koivisto, MSc in Computer Science, and I’m working as a Senior Service Manager at Liaison Technologies. I made a switch from Fujitsu Finland late October 2017, where I worked for almost 12 years. From leading a small IT-startup company to running business critical IT services in global corporations, I’ve been doing quite a lot of things with especially ITIL® framework and also more generally with ITSM for more than 10 years. ITIL Expert certification since 2012.

In this blog I’m writing about IT-related issues and phenomenons, especially from ITSM’s point of view, and challenging some entrenched conceptions.

I had originally thought to write also about the ITIL framework in a bit more detailed level, but then I read AXELOS Limited web pages about their current copyrights and trade marks on ITIL, and I changed my mind. I don’t want to be accused for violating anyones’ copyrights or trade marks. I think AXELOS is making a huge mistake by being so possessive and aggressive towards individual bloggers, and that will hurt ITIL’s place in the market. But that’s out of my hands of course. Just saying.

ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited.